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Tutoring / GED




On this page we'll describe the main educational arm of our programs.

One of the goals of MHSCTC is to aid in the education of our community.  We have an on-going GED program which allows individuals to receive the education and help to obtain a G.E.D. (General Education Diploma) to advance their opportunities in life. 

We also strive to help our young people to be the best they can be.

After School Tutoring

Through a grant offered by the State of Florida's Department of Education, we are able to offer an after school tutoring program.  The program's title is SES (Supplemental Educational Services).  Our company scored EXCELLENT with the FDOE (Florida Department Of Education).  Your child may qualify for FREE tutoring if your child attends a Title 1 school for the 2012-2013 school year and scored Level 1 or 2 in Reading and/or Math on FCAT 2.0.

Currently, we have been approved to serve students in Charlotte, Desoto, Hillsborough, Polk, and Sarasota counties.  Did we mention that through this program, tutoring services to these eligible students are FREE!

If you would like to apply to become a tutor, please download our application below and fax it back to Edris Williams at (941) 637-0846. We offer Small Group and Individual instruction with pay rates of up to $35 per hour.  If you have any questions, you can contact her at (941) 637-7907. Please fill out the application, print and sign, and then fax to the office at (941) 637-0846.

If you are able to tutor more than one (1) grade level group and/or the days available, please indicate that on the second page under "How did you hear about this opportunity..."

             Download Tutoring Application here.

SES Tutoring Program Process

Once you have submitted your Tutor Application and it is approved, 
Please click on your County's name to download all of the Training materials

     CharlotteDeSotoHillsboroughPolk - Sarasota

       Please only PRINT and/or SAVE the file that pertains to your county. 

Advanced Macedonia Tutoring Services, a division of Macedonia Human Services is happy that you are joining our team!  We have included all of the documents you will need in order to teach you about our organization, and what to expect from us and what we expect from you. 
TUTORS: Please click on this AMTS link to download our mandatory Forms and Documents. Print the AMTS Pre-Test document FIRST.  Please answer as many questions that you can BEFORE viewing the SES Training Powerpoint.  After you have viewed the AMTS Training Powerpoint, Expectations Powerpoint and Required Documents for your county, then please make sure that you complete the Post Test.
The following documents are due to the AMTS Main Office as soon as you have completed the training. Please fill out ALL documents in BLUE ink.

  • Training Receipt Signature Page
  • Tutor Contract Agreement
  • AMTS Tutor Application 2012-2013
  • AMTS Pre and Post Test
  • At the end of the Employee Handbook file, please print pages 37-39 (Code of Ethics Signature Page, W-4 Form, and the Employee Handbook Acknowledgement).  Fill out and sign these forms "IN BLUE INK" and send the originals to the AMTS Main Office.
  • For Desoto County - there is another Signature Page you must print and sign in the DESOTO Required Docs TUTORS file.

The Powerpoint files are for you to download and refer back to unless you prefer to print them. Please note that there are Mandatory Conference Calls each month for TUTORS on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 8:30pm. (You will find this information in the Employee Handbook.)
Please make sure that when you have received your Level 2 Clearance Badge, that a clear copy of the badge is sent to the AMTS Main Office.  Also, please make sure that all credentials are received in the Main Office prior to the start of tutoring (College transcripts, copy of degree(s), Teacher certifications, etc.) 

If you need a quick copy of the Parent Handbook in English or Spanish, click on the link.
Again, thank you for working with us - we look forward to a GREAT year!

Our goal is to enrich students, empower families, and enhance communities.

If a parent desires for their child to receive this FREE service, they must complete an enrollment form provided by their child's school naming AMTS as their Provider.

Our curriculum is based on helping your child in Reading and/or Math.  Please contact our office if you desire more information on this program or e-mail us at

Our Program Administrator is Edris Williams, a retired CCPS teacher of 30 years.  You may reach her at

The rest of our staff includes:

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